STILL true today as it was when my column first appeared in the Denver Post 1997 and when I published the 1st edition in 2002 - half of the recorded marriages in North America are actually 're'marriages... Blended Families are like a giant self-stitching quilt with many emotional patterns and colored histories from former relationships - as divorced parents remarry, merging them, their children, grandparents and so  much more. That's still the 'good news'. The not-so-good news is these 'next' marriages end in an appalling divorce rate that averages 64%. [Third marriages are off the charts at a failure rate of 72%]. Ironically second marriages need not suffer this devastating breakdown if as a culture we understood and addressed what is required of these uniquely stressful - but opportune relationships. PEEK @... Introduction This book is not the result of a formal clinical study, nor an accumulation of case histories gathered by a prac